Oculus Go announced, but does anyone really care

It’s $199 when it launches but who will buy it

I’ve been quite outspoken about VR and its continued failure to really impress me, sure there are massively expensive headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift but they need accompanying gaming hardware, also massively expensive.

Then we have the cheapo headsets and Google Cardboard which use your mobile phone, mostly all junk content that’s grainy and I mean there are only so many dinosaurs and roller coasters I want to watch on it.

Now Facebook and its Oculus developers are releasing the Oculus Go which will cost $199 at launch and removes the need to have a phone, it will come with remotes and should provide a better low end experience than your phone would.

Okay, but what’s the point, it’s going to provide slightly better experience than your Carboard options, and probably slightly better again than Samsung’s Gear VR but it still not going to give you full freedom, it’s not going to work with consoles and the games are going to be fairly ho-hum so who’s going to buy it ? The answer in short, not many, I mean Samsung had to give away the Gear VR just to shift units.

What will happen when Facebook release a new version of the Oculus Go in a years time, will this version be obsolete and under powered. As I said in the past, VR is changing, but in it’s current form its peaking and right now technology is just not good enough to give us the true VR experience we all want from the movies.

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Don’t get me wrong, I really want VR and AR for that matter to take off, but I kind of want to skip all the crap and just want a company to come to us when the product is truly ready and fit for purpose.

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