Image Inspector in Vivaldi 1.12 browser

The next release version of the web browser Vivaldi, Vivaldi 1.12, comes with a new Image Inspector feature built-in natively.

If you want to know more about an image, you have two main options when it comes to images posted on sites.

Maybe information is listed on the web page the image is embedded on. The other option that you have is to check the image’s metadata. The first option is a hit and miss kind of thing; while photo hosting sites may provide the option, most sites display only basic information if any at all.

The second option is also hit or miss, as metadata may be scrubbed before images get uploaded to sites.

Image Inspector

Image Inspector is a new feature of the Vivaldi web browser which displays metadata if available. The feature is available in preview releases of Vivaldi right now, and can be activated in two different ways.

You may right-click on any image displayed in the web browser and select “inspect image” from the context menu, or you may activate the information icon displayed next to the image if it is displayed on its own in the web browser.

Vivaldi displays an information icon on the page which you may activate to display metadata information.

The Image Inspector interface lists the data in a sidebar like interface. It may include information on the Camera that was used to take the photo, shot specific information such as exposure time, dimensions, size, a histogram, color temperature and white balance data.

Only data that is provided as metadata is displayed. You may notice that the listing is relatively short and missing many data points on most Internet sites.

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If you head over to Flickr or other photo hosting sites however, you will get the full range of data sets for the photos hosted on these sites.

The feature may appeal to photographers, photo bloggers, and enthusiasts the most. The feature may have other uses, for instance to check if a photo has been edited before it was published.

Closing Words

Vivaldi Software continues to evolve the web browser in a way that is different from its main competitors; that is refreshing. While you may not require some of the features that the company adds to the browser, it is still interesting to see how development progresses.

You can download the latest Vivaldi snapshot from the official site.

Now You: Which features would you like to see in Vivaldi?

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