If you fly to the US to buy an iPhone X you do not need to declare it to customs

Seriously, you should but fu¢king don’t

Okay, okay, lets get this one cleared up, the US prices for the iPhone X (pronounced 10, really) do not include sales tax which changes depending on the state.

The iPhone X cheapest model which you can pre-order from October 27th at 8:01am will set you back €1179 which includes tax of €221 approximately. This means the phone will cost you €958 before tax, this compared to the US price of $999 which is before tax and would equate to €839. So yes, there is a bit of loading going on for sure with Irish prices. However if you can get a flight to the US, return, and deal with the long haul and go without food or water then just maybe you might make a small saving.

That being said, should you decide to go over to the US, what ever you do, do not declare it to customs, do not bring the iPhone X box home with you. Buy one of those generic foam pouches and stick it into that as it will look like any other phone in a pouch, or put it into your laptop bag. Should Mr. customs spot it, just say you got it as you work for Apple in your country, or you are in the press, they have no way of arguing otherwise.

Should they spot it, know that they probably will subject you to a phone search which now thanks to Apple means all they have to do is aim the phone at your face to unlock it, no pin, no finger print, no court order, good job Apple.

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All this being said, just buy it in your own damn country and save yourself the hassle, in fact save yourself the money and buy something else, this thing is about €400 over priced considering you wont use half the features.

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