X-Doria releases Action Band for Apple Watch

I really enjoy my Apple Watch, but understandably, not everyone shares my enthusiasm. Heck, my colleague Joe Wilcox felt enslaved by his! For fans of the smartwatch, however, it isn’t just a device, but a fashion statement too. It can be fun to swap bands to match an outfit, for instance. I own a casual nylon band for everyday use, and a more professional-looking leather variant for special occasions.

Today, popular case-manufacturer X-Doria releases a new band series for Apple Watch. Called “Action Band,” it comes in three colors and can be had in both 38mm and 42mm sizes.

“The stylish, dual color pattern band is ideal for sports enthusiasts and those with an active, on-the-go lifestyle. With easy on-and-off installation, it allows users to interchange Apple Watch bands out easily based on preference or activity. Compatible with all Apple Watch generations, X-Doria’s Action Band is available for both the 42mm and 38mm sizes,” says X-Doria.

The company also says, “The Action Band features tough and durable, yet soft, silicone and a dual prong metal closure that wraps comfortably and firmly around a user’s wrists. X-Doria’s Action Band’s design ensures it stays securely in place whether at the gym performing rigorous exercises, out on the trail jogging or while on-the-go running errands.”

The X-Doria ‘Action Band’ is available in three colors — Green/Mint, Purple/Pink, and my favorite, Black/Yellow. For whatever reason, it seems that the Black/Yellow variant is only available in the 42mm size — 38mm Apple Watch owners are out of luck in that regard.

While X-Doria lists a $39.99 MSRP, it can be had on Amazon now for a much-more reasonable $24.99. Ready to buy one? You can get them here.

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