Microsoft will pay you $25 to use Groove

Steaming music is all the rage nowadays, and there is certainly no shortage of services. Quite frankly, you really can’t go wrong when selecting one, as many of them are great. With that said, for an optimal experience, Apple Music is probably best for iOS and macOS users, while Google Play Music and Spotify are great for Android and Linux desktop users.

If you spend a lot of time on Windows 10, the Groove Music Pass service is an excellent choice, as is the associated Groove app. While Microsoft’s service may not be the most popular, it provides great selection and quality. There are even apps for iOS and Android. Now, for a limited time, the Windows-maker will pay you $25 for using its service!

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Please know, you won’t get actual cash or a check from Microsoft, but you will get a $25 Windows Store credit. You can use the credit for games, apps, movies — anything you want. Of course, you don’t get paid for just launching the Groove app. Actually, you must purchase a one-year Groove Music Pass subscription to get the credit. If you find yourself in need of a streaming music service, the $25 credit is a great incentive to choose Microsoft’s offering over competitors.

Ready to take advantage of the promotion? You can do so here. Keep in mind, you must sign up by June 30 before the offer expires.

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