On topic: Tech news to know now

Here’s what’s on the Wednesday menu.

Intel wins a round in its longtime battle with European regulators over a $1.26 billion antitrust fine over rebates, with the EU’s top court ruling that Intel’s appeal had to be reexamined by a lower tribunal. (Bloomberg)

Facebook is reportedly offering hundreds of millions of dollars to record labels for music rights so users can include songs in videos they upload. (Bloomberg)

Hackers gain entry into U.S., European energy sector and can sabotage power grids, Symantec warns. (Reuters)

Google upgrades its Street View cameras, will expand its already vast database of real-world images. (Wired)

Oracle backs online human trafficking bill, breaking with tech industry. (Reuters)

New America Foundation fellows send a letter to the think tank, expressing concern over its firing of Google critic. (Vice News)

Apple is refusing to remove an anti-spam app in India, angering regulators. (Bloomberg)


Photo by Paul Sakuma/AP



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